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Ovation: A Giant Teddy Bear’s Joy Ride.


99When my oldest niece was born, I had the honor of being present at the hospital.  I was between jobs and fortunate enough to able to help out with odds and ends surrounding the new arrival.  By the time the little miracle finally showed up, her mother’s hospital room had filled with gifts from loved ones and well wishers from across the country.

As anyone who has ever met a newborn baby will tell you, they do not travel lightly.  With car seats, diaper bags and all of the paraphernalia that an infant and a new mother require in their first days together, my exhausted brother-in-law had his hands and his car completely full.  I helped them with their haul in a second car, a convertible, by carrying an enormous peace lily that was sent to the hospital room by a well-wisher.

With the convertible top down, I rode with that peace lily like it was a perfectly normal thing to do.

I made a similar trip through my own neighborhood, early on October, when I purchased an oversized plastic pumpkin

Someone in Alberta, Canada, didn’t find anything out of the ordinary when they drove away from a Costco earlier this week with an enormous teddy bear strapped into the passenger seat of their convertible.

A Reddit user spotted a man at a Costco trying to fit the huge toy animal into his Corvette.  A Costco employee even tried to help as shoppers gathered to watch.  Pictures were posted online with an appropriate caption … “Totally obvious impulse buy? Yep.”

After first trying to put the bear in the car head first, it was ultimately determined that it was best to jam the bear into the passenger seat, sitting upright, and the customer was able to drive away with his new bear.

Nobody knows where the bear was going, but it sure would be a cool story if it ended up being a gift for his niece.  He sure did attract a lot more attention than I did with that peace lily!

Have you ever carried anything unusual in a convertible?


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  1. the man with the bear in the corvette bought it for his first grandchild. I seen the picture today of the baby on the bear leg ! at first we couldn’t see the baby in all that bear.


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