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Diatribe: Gentlemen, Shouldn’t You Tuck In Your Dress Shirts?


UntuckedShirts that are made with a flat bottom hem are, generally, meant to be worn untucked.  But if a shirt has visible “tails” … the hem is clearly longer in the front and the back than it is on the sides, and not even all the way around … it should always be tucked in.

Wearing a shirt with tails untucked isn’t always out of the question but it can make a man look sloppy and childish … like a boy whose mother made him wear something against his will and he’s going to show her a thing or two, or a drunken groomsman whose had too much to drink at a wedding reception.

Never (please!) wear an untucked dress shirt under a jacket or with a suit.  This makes a man look desperate to appear stylish when the truth is he usually looks like he forgot to finish getting dressed before he left the house.

Some golfers tuck in their shirts to show off their snazzy pants.

Some golfers tuck in their shirts to show off their snazzy pants.

Some shirts with flat bottom hems can be worn tucked or untucked.  For instance, most will agree that a polo shirt can be worn untucked for a casual look or tucked in for a little dressier look.  Their long-sleeved counterparts, the rugby shirts, however, are almost never tucked in.

Turtlenecks are usually worn untucked unless they’re worn under a sports coat or blazer.

Some cowboys tuck in their shirts to show off their buckles.

Some cowboys tuck in their shirts to show off their buckles.

Whether or not to tuck in a T-shirt is a question for the ages.  Some folks love to tuck them in so they can show off their belts or belt buckles while others will think they look goofy.  Some have taken to only tucking in the front of the t-shirt.  I think it depends a lot on the fit of the shirt and the pants that are worn.  Many fashionistas will tell you not to tuck in a t-shirt unless it’s a deliberate style statement.

Some men, for example Zac Efron, don't need a shirt.

Some men, for example Zac Efron, don’t need a shirt.

Before a man can decide if he’s going to tuck in his shirt or not he needs to make certain that it fits.  Is there anything more sloppy than a man wearing a shirt that is clearly too large and the mess he makes when he tries to tuck it into his pants?  Yes … there is!  The t-shirt that’s too small worn by unkempt the man who’s reaching for something on the top shelf.

Do you think men should always tuck in their dress shirts?


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  1. You have to tuck in these shirts if it’s a dress shirt?! Well, you learn something new everyday:) Thank you for posting this, as now I finally know that I have a reason to think that guys who don’t tuck in their dress shirts look…weird! Lol! I followed youuuu:)
    Xoxo, Nessa


  2. Barneysday permalink

    And for the ladies who wear “tailed” blouses/shirts untucked?

    As a long-time tucker, I finally realized how out of touch I was with current fashion, and since I no longer wear suits or ties, leave everything pretty much un-tucked. Being “tucked” in an un-tucked world can be just as odd looking.

    thanks for the thoughts


  3. I think the untucked look was done to slim a pot gut. It is also more comfortable with said pot gut. Plus guys can get away with no belt. With that said, I am with you on the dress shirts tucked. One huge exception – my wife looks much better than I do when she wears my dress shirt untucked like it is a robe. And, like Forrest Gump would say “that is all I am going to say ’bout that.” BTG


  4. I have been known to go untucked in a dress shirt. It reads more casual to me.


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