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Diatribe: GUEST POST – Moving Scams.

photo credit: neilalderney123 via photopin

photo credit: neilalderney123 via photopin

There’s a universal truth about moving: It sucks.

Everything about moving is essentially awful. There’s the sorting, the finding of boxes that don’t smell like a wet trash can, the actual packing of items, and then the overwhelming feeling that you should just give up and burn everything.

What’s even worse than moving is becoming a victim of a moving scam. For those of you who aren’t aware of moving scams, then you’re lucky. Here’s what happens in a moving scam…

You contact a company that offers moving services. These companies might even offer to pack your belongings for you. Once they have all your belongings loaded up and are ready to drop them at your new place, the second shoe drops. They want more money.

Of course, you will have already agreed upon a rate for loading, moving, and unloading, but they will act like this never happened. Instead, they’ll try and make you pay more money to get your items. If you won’t pay, they won’t let your possessions off the truck.

Many times, individuals end up spending an exorbitant amount to get their items and then wish they head gone ahead and burned everything prior to moving. However, becoming a victim of a moving scam doesn’t have to happen. Check out these 5 tips to avoid hiring movers.

Do it yourself, don’t get scammed

First thing’s first: Do it yourself. Pack your belongings, load your belongings, unload your belongings, ice your back, and realize you saved a lot of money. Make friends help you or cash in on some blackmail with family members to get them to help. Above all else, just remember to do it yourself.

GuestBloggerPack everything efficiently. Realize your possessions aren’t your groceries, so don’t throw them all together just to save some time. If you pack efficiently, you will discovered that unpacking is a joy (after all, you will want your VHS collection to stay together and not get mixed in with your collection of Beanie Babies) and you will use less boxes or containers.

Get things together well in advance. Pack things you don’t need to use right away. Make a list of what is in each box. Make sure the list is taped to the box or labeled in some fashion so you know which list goes with each box.

Do not pay a dime for boxes. Grocery stores, liquor stores, book stores, carpet stores, and virtually any kind of store gets tons of boxes and they recycle them once they’re used. If you show up and ask to take some off their hands, they will most likely be happy to give you a whole slew of them.

If you’ve got a long way to go, plan your driving times accordingly. You don’t want to be sitting in traffic with all your belongings and worrying about running out of gas.

All the right moves

If you move yourself, you’ll avoid moving scams. If you can’t avoid hiring someone to move your stuff for you, then make sure that the company you hire is legitimate.

Do not agree to any sort of rates that can change. Work with a moving company that is going to move and deliver your items without holding them hostage.

Read reviews about any company that you do business with. Chances are, a multitude of bad reviews means that you’ll be wishing you’d paid attention to the unsolicited advice from Internet strangers.

Dana Rasmussendana is a professional writer who moonlights as an entrepreneur. She really feels like she has moved one too many times.


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  1. thedogs'mother permalink

    Eldest and fiance are moving this weekend. All by themselves from
    San Jose to northern WA.


  2. It’s true that moving is never fun. It is also true that there are moving companies that try to scam consumers. It is equally true that more consumers try to scam movers than the opposite by a ratio of at least 10,000 consumers to 1 mover.

    People want to save money, so they try to sneak things on to the truck for free or they don’t want things crated because it cost more money (Illegal by the DOT law). They don’t want to pay for insurance, but expect full coverage for free. When they pack things loosely in boxes, they want to blame the mover for the breakage. Basically, for every argument given against professional movers, there are 100 valid arguments against consumers.

    So, do your homework and then decide if you want to do the work yourself or if you want to pay a professional. Just don’t be naive – thinking only moving companies scam people and not the other way around. Safe moves to you all!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s great to hear from someone on the other side of the debate and you raise some very excellent points. It seems to me that far too many consumers are in the business of Getting Something For Nothing and there is clearly a segment of the population on the lookout for a reason to file a lawsuit. Thanks for your comment.

      By the way, consider yourself invited to submit a Guest Post of your own. Send an email to for more information.


      • permalink

        Its rightly said people dont do enough research more often than less before they choose a moving company and its more likely they will be in trouble as a result of it , i have spoken to people who have had troubles choosing a right removalist .


  3. I run a moving business and i know how much of bad mouthing about moving companies here in down under , thats why we always ask the customer to shop around before they pick a provider . Also we all want to save money but its not recommended to just shop on the basis of money , if thats the case you are more likely to land in trouble than saving money! i have heard stories when people move interstate or international of they dont even ask questions if the move is been insured or whats the background of that interstate removals or international companies

    This is so stress ful and please also write something about moving tips and how to at safe side before choosing a right moving companay

    Aprreciate your write up.


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