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Diatribe: The Little Girl Who Got Trapped In A Washing Machine.


washing machineRecently, we purchased a new washer and dryer.  We’re not the most sophisticated launderers and would shove as many clothes inside it as it would hold, douse it with a splash of detergent, set it to “normal” and walk away.  Apparently, after twelve or so years of this abuse it just gave up on us.  Shopping for a replacement, we found, would not be an easy task.  Appliances for sale today are much more sophisticated than they were the last time we did any comparison shopping and we found ourselves learning about features and options that we didn’t know existed.

We consulted with relatives who had recently researched washers and dryers and discovered that their biggest complaint about the new machines on the market is the fact that their computerized motherboard mainframes won’t let you open the door once the machine begins to do its thing.  Heaven forbid, for example, you drop a sock and want to slip it in with the rest of your “darks” after you push the START button!  Oh, no!  Not with these new expensive machines!  One has to wait what seems like an eternity for the machine to allow its door to be opened.

Apparently, this feature isn’t only annoying to us sock droppers but it can be hazardous to the health of children in Texas Laundromats.

On Tuesday, a five-year-old Pasadena girl was airlifted to a hospital after she was found locked in an operating washing machine, on high speed for several minutes, before anyone noticed.  Apparently, a woman had tried to use the same machine at Le’s Washateria a few minutes earlier and told a manager that it wasn’t working.  She got a refund and moved her laundry to another machine.

“She was tumbling pretty fast in there.  One person walked by and said they saw something flopping around in there.  They thought it was just a dress or something because it was moving pretty fast.” – Vance Mitchell, Pasadena Police Spokesman.

Nobody appears to be certain how the girl ended up in the washing machine or how it began to actually work.  Information about where the little girl’s parents were at the time, or who was supposed to be watching her, hasn’t been released.

While the little girl suffered extensive injuries, she is expected to survive.

After learning about this poor, little (unattended) girl and the injuries that washing machine injuries that she sustained, I think I just might be a bit more patient when I have to wait for my new washing machine to let me open its door.

Do you have a new washing machine that locks its door?


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  1. Wow. I am surprised she survived.


  2. Let me add to my comment that I cut off too soon. I am glad she was not hurt more than she was as it could have been tragic.


  3. What a terrible story! Glad she’s doing ok.

    I have a horrible machine. GE front loader. Locks, but you have a few minutes to add that sock. It takes forever >1 hour per load and the clothes never really smell clean. I’d love to have the old top loading kind.

    But then the girl wouldn’t have been noticed!


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