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Ovation: Dating Naked: The Wedding.


NAKED_DATING_08_06_14_WEDDINGI’m one of the lucky ones.  I found “true love” many years ago.  I found it in a time when you had to know someone who knew someone they thought would get along with you or you had to, physically, go somewhere to meet someone.  Back then, people would meet at school, at work, at church, at a club or through mutual acquaintances.  There was no such thing as online dating so you couldn’t meet people in your bathroom drinking a smoothie with your hair up and petting a cat.  You couldn’t meet someone using an app on a smartphone and, with the exception of The Dating Game, you couldn’t meet someone on television.  You certainly couldn’t meet someone on television while you were naked!

Times have changed.  Last summer, basic cable channel VH1 brought us Dating Naked, a dating program featuring two different contestants who each go on three dates each episode … completely nude.  The series has averaged about one million viewers per episode in season one (the final installment airs on September 25th) and a second season is scheduled to begin next summer.

Having watched a few seasons of The Bachelorette and finding myself disgusted by the premise of Married At First Sight, I was surprised to find that I truly enjoy watching Dating Naked.  The singles who sign up to participate in the process are serious about the commitment.  All of the participants appear to be extremely confident individuals with big personalities and I can see where they might sometimes have difficulty in finding a mate who can share their enthusiasm for life without feeling intimidated.

VH1Throughout Dating Naked’s first season, six couples formed.  One of the couples will be the focus of a special episode Dating Naked: The Wedding on Wednesday, September 18th.  While not a legally binding ceremony or, technically, a wedding at all, during the special Alika Medeiros (a 36-year-old yoga instructor/sexual healer) and Ashley Fonda (a 27-year-old artist) will exchange “vows of love and commitment”.  And they’ll do it completely naked.  The couple met and made an immediate connection last May in Panama where then quickly bonded over their spiritual connection and new-age views on love.

“I definitely feel that being naked drops a lot of the façade and boundaries in-between each other. You have nothing separating you from the other person … so it definitely brings you closer to somebody.” – Alika Medeiros

Of course all the naughty bits are always blurry … so don’t get too excited.

I think it’s wonderful that these two found each other.  Their personalities are so unique that it’s easy to see why they haven’t bumped into a soul mate in the produce department of their local supermarket.  Signing up for the adventure that is Dating Naked appears to have worked for this couple.  Of course, the cynics among us can always wonder if all of this is just about ratings.

I’ll be watching. Will you?


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  1. Talk about opening the kimonas. This is an old Navy expression an accounting friend used to use about baring all to an auditor.


  2. Reblogged this on Nudity in America and commented:
    I’ll have a few things to say about this show at a future time. I will be watching this episode, btw.


    • Thanks for sharing. It will be interesting to hear what you, and your readers, have to say after the program airs. What are your thoughts on the whole concept of Dating Naked?


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