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Ovation: Cerealiously Count Chocula.


Count Chocula BeerWhen I was a kid, my mother never let my brother or I leave the house for school in the morning without eating breakfast. Ours was a typical household consisting of everyone trying to get dressed and ready while fighting for bathroom time. During the average morning chaos, the breakfast of choice was more often than not a bowl of cold cereal. And we were fine with that as long as we could pour it ourselves. If we controlled our own portions, you see, we found the process more tolerable.

The milk-to-cereal ratio was particularly important as wasting milk was frowned upon. The choice of cereal, therefore, was of particular importance as the flavor of any residual milk that we would be required to drink was determined by our selection. We learned at a young age the milk left over from a bowl of TRIX, for example, was not particularly tasty. Nor was a bowl of “Fruit Loops Soup” as I liked to call the purplish milk remaining after the loops had been consumed. Those cereals, therefore, were devoured in a somewhat crunchy state using as little milk as possible.

countWe found that our favorite choices, and sadly the most expensive and least healthy, were the chocolate-based cereals like Coco Puffs, Coco Pebbles and, my brother’s favorite Count Chocula. When one finished a bowl of these cereals, the milk remaining in the bowl was an added treat! A dessert! A free bottle of Yoohoo! Count Chocula was a treat in our childhood home and, apparently, it’s hard to find in Fort Collins, Colorado, too.

Count Chocula, and General Mills’ other Monster Cereals Boo Berry and Franken Berry, have limited availability every year. In fact, last year was the first time all three have been available since the 1980s. The two Albertsons locations in the town stock the monster-themed cereal in the month of October, presumably as a featured Halloween item, and many local shoppers look forward to it much like we did as small children. This year, however, both of the stores quickly and mysteriously sold out of the chocolate and marshmallow cereal.

black bottle breweryThe culprit has finally stepped forward.

Black Bottle Brewery has admitted that it bought the entire supply of Count Chocula in order to brew the next variety in its Cerealiously beer series. The brewery has previously created flavors using Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Golden Grahams and Reese’s Puffs.

“We put the cereal into a hop back so it doesn’t get into the beer. We did it as a joke at first, but the beer turned out well.” – Steve Marrick, General Manager, Black Bottle Brewery

The craft brewer, which also makes lagers, ales, and IPAs with silly names like “Social Insecurity” and “Bugger Off” says “Cerealiously Count Chocula” is due for release on October 30th.

It might be fun to hunt down a six-pack for my brother!

Would you try a glass of Cerealiously Count Chocula?


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