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Diatribe: Can You Imagine Getting A Text Message From Your Dead Grandmother?


text from dead grandmotherMy late grandfather always had a pencil.  As both a musician and a craftsman by trade, and having served as a navigator in the air force, he had grown accustomed to the need for taking notes in his music, writing down measurements or marking maps at a moment’s notice.  His wallet was always stuffed with scraps of paper on which he had jotted down vital statistics or items of interest that he would surely need at some future point.

It seemed that my grandmother was on a constant search for shirts in his size that had two breast pockets … one for his reading glasses and one for his pencil.  He had an assortment of pencil clips that he would wear with pride and I remember, be it at a big band rehearsal, a card game or in the supermarket, I could always count on him to have something to write with if anyone needed to take a note.

Pencil ClipAt my grandfather’s funeral, we made sure that he had a pencil in his pocket before he was buried.  He never went anywhere without one.

When cancer took Lesley Emerson in 2011, her cell phone was placed in her coffin because she loved texting her family members.  Later, her granddaughter, Sheri, would send messages to the phone from time to time as a way of coping with her loss.  Last month she got quite a shock when she received a response!

“I’m watching over you and its all going to get better. Just push through.” the message said.

I would’ve been completely freaked out.

“Obviously, we know that nan wasn’t ever going to reply to our texts.  You can imagine what I was thinking seeing a message flash up from her.” – Sheri Emerson.

When Sheri’s uncle called her grandmother’s old number, the man who answered said he thought the messages he had been receiving were jokes so he decided to send something back.

The family, who is not upset with the man, is quite angry with their cell phone provider.  They claim they paid the company, Q2, to retire the grandmother’s number but it clearly was given to a new customer.  The cell phone company is reportedly trying to get the number back so the family won’t have to go through this again.

It’s one thing to see an old pencil clip and get a warm fuzzy feeling as you think of your grandfather, but … can you imagine getting a text message from your dead grandmother?!


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  1. Barneysday permalink

    Yes, it would definitely freak me out. Thanks for sharing this story, right near halloween…


  2. It’s kind of creepy and sweet at the same time.
    Along those same lines, my sister passed away in February, and a few months later, while on Facebook, I saw that I had a private message. i clicked on it, and it was a smiley face … sent from my sister’s page. Upon closer examination, it was a smiley face she’d sent to me after one of our FB chats, but for some reason it showed up as a new message.
    Creepy and sweet.


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