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Ovation: Nick Cannon Donates $2 Million Pair Of Shoes To Charity.


Cannon ShoesAt our house there is always a Honey Do List.  Like most homes, there’s always something around the house or the yard that needs to be fixed, painted or replaced.  The projects on the list aren’t particularly challenging but they’re rarely pleasant either and one can always find something better to do.  This weekend we intend to address one of the larger projects on the list before winter weather sets in … “Straighten the garage”.

During the warmer months our garage tends to fill with clutter that doesn’t necessarily belong there and we just have set aside some time to either pack things up for the trash man or to donate to GoodWill.  When making a trip to GoodWill we like to make it worth the effort so, in addition to items from the garage, we’ll make a quick scan of closets and cabinets for items that we can donate.  Making the trip to GoodWill requires more effort than packing things up for garbage day but it’s often the right thing to do.  Almost every time we make a trip to GoodWill, I bring at least one pair of shoes.

I have never, however, donated a pair of shores like the pair television host Nick Cannon recently donated to St. Mary’s Hospital for Children in Queens, New York.

The 34-year-old star had a pair of Tom Ford loafers covered in diamonds earlier this year and wore them on the September finale of America’s Got Talent.  It took jewel expert Jason Arasheben 2,000 hours to decorate the shoes with more than 14,000 full-cut round white diamonds set onto white gold and boast a weight of 340 carats.  The Guinness Book of World Records is reviewing the pair, estimated to be valued at two million dollars, for the title of Most Expensive Shoes in the World.  St. Mary’s Hospital for Children will auction off the shoes and gain all proceeds to use towards equipment and other causes.

When you donate at GoodWill, they give you a receipt to keep for tax time.  More often than not, we shove ours into our glove compartment and forget about it.  Our trips to GoodWill certainly don’t add up to much come tax time … that’s certainly not why we go … but knowing that our old cast-offs might be found useful once again by someone else is a rewarding feeling of its own.

I can’t imagine what it feels like to make a $2 million donation and I certainly can’t imagine wearing a $2 million pair of used shoes.

Do you have a Honey Do List?

Do you donate your old shoes to charity?


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  1. What I cannot fathom is who would buy a pair of $2,000,000 shoes?


    • He’s known for his outlandish wardrobe. If I had to guess, it was his intention to give them to charity from the start.

      I remember watching the finale of the talent competition. The winner was to receive one million dollars and it was down to the final two contestants when judge Howard Stern told Cannon “Why not just give them each a shoe?” No one knew at the time what he was talking about, but it was all over the news the next morning.

      Thanks for reading!


  2. What if you stepped in some gum? Or worse. That would be huge depreciation.


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