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Diatribe: Pope Francis’ Offensive Words To Single Parents And Their Children.


PopeThis week, during a Complementarity of Man and Woman conference in Rome, a gathering of global religious conservatives, Pope Francis declared that

“children have a right to grow up in a family with a father and a mother.” 

Almost immediately, the media erupted with speculation surrounding the meaning of his statement and “religious leaders” in the United States twisted his words on social media to suit their anti-marriage-equality agenda.

While the Pope was probably, and not surprisingly, expressing support for traditional families, his statement may have further alienate the growing number of non-traditional families and those individuals raised in such households.

According to Custodial Mothers and Fathers and Their Child Support: 2011, a report released by the U.S. Census Bureau every two years (most recently in October 2013), an estimated 14.4 million parents lived with 23.4 million children under 21 years of age while the other parent(s) lived somewhere else.  That’s a lot of single parents raising a lot of children.

And the vast majority of them turn out just fine.

To infer that any child who isn’t raised in a home with a father and a mother is being deprived of a human “right” is not only dangerously out of touch with reality but extraordinarily insulting to parents in non-traditional families the world over.

I would think that Pope Francis would want to strengthen ALL families regardless of their composition.  As they leader of the Catholic Church he has a history of creating confusion about his opinions but, to me, this takes the cake.  Why not just tell all the children with no dad, two moms or parents who were killed in car accidents “You suck, you’ve been cheated and your life isn’t as good as the other kids’?”

Sometimes I wonder, should Jesus appear today, if “religious leaders” wouldn’t crucify him again.  Despite his teaching, it often seems that far too many spend more time hating than loving.

Do you think the Pope’s statement was offensive to single parents and their children?


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  1. I am hoping your right on the intent and not the words. I do like this Pope, but he is under a microscope because he has been more forward thinking than other popes. Irrespective of what religious leaders think, the practical aspects are that due to our human imperfections, due to our impatience and unwillingness to acknowledge that you have to work at relationships, due to our inclinations toward the same sex for more than a few, due to our willingness to tolerate too long abusers, due to our willingness to not acknowledge that kids need sex education and prevention tools, we will have unwed mothers, same sex couples, and unwed fathers raising children. Our religious leaders need to catch up with their followers. The fastest growing population of homeless people in the US is single mothers. Poverty is hard enough to avoid when you have two parents, but with only one it can overwhelm you. Sorry for the soapbox. BTG

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    • Your thoughts are ALWAYS welcome!

      I believe with all my heart that the quality of parents raising children is far more important than the gender or quantity of adults involved. A child raised by a single mother, two lesbians or a widower can have a much better childhood than one raised by an incompatible heterosexual couple. Kids who grow up seeing their parents fight and argue will think that’s how they’re supposed to act when they become adults. Adulterers raise adulterers … abusers raise abusers … bullies raise bullies.

      It’s wrong to insist that parents be “male and female” before insisting they be “loving and kind”. Even if you’re a Pope.

      (Sorry for the soapbox. ;))


      • You are right on about the quality. And, studies support that children of abusers have a greater propensity to abuse if male or marry an abuser if female.


  2. I grow weary of Pope Frankie saying something that The Gays see as a sign of change and then backtracking with drivel like this. It’s be a loooooooong time before the Church welcomes us.


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