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Ovation: The End Of NOM Appears To Be Imminent.


NOMFormed in 2007 specifically to pass California’s Proposition 8 prohibiting same-sex marriage in the state, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) has spent the last seven years and millions of dollars opposing civil rights for LGBT Americans at every turn.  While the group has always claimed to have a wide base of “grassroots support”, the majority of its funding comes from very few large anonymous donors.  In 2009, for example, five donations made up 75% of NOM’s contributions and grants income.

“A secretive player in anti-gay politics, which is posing as an offshore company for anti-gay religious money.” – Human Rights Campaign spokesperson Michael Cole describing NOM.

Yesterday, NOM finally released its 2013 tax filings … two days late and in direct violation of federal law … disclosing that the organization had reported only half as much in “earnings” as the year before.  Two donors accounted for more than half of that money.  The group’s “Education Fund”, which manufactures anti-gay propaganda and homophobic stupidity at alarming rates, raised less than $1.7 million, a seventy-percent decline from 2012.  The tax filing showed that NOM ended 2013 more than $2.5 million in debt.

The end of NOM appears to be imminent.

The organization has been linked to such anti-LGBT (not just anti-same-sex marriage) organizations as the Church of Latter-Day Saints, the Catholic Church, Opus Dei, the Knights of Columbus and Focus on the Family.  They’ve altered photos, advocated strategies pitting African-American and LGBT communities against each other, and threw money at seemingly any political candidate who would get their name in the papers.

It seems that any real “grassroots support” they organization might have once had has evaporated.  Perhaps they’re tired of donating money to fight a losing battle … with same-sex marriage now legal in thirty-five states, it’s clear that NOM is waging a war against the inevitable.  Maybe they grew tired of being associated with the outright hatefulness of NOM.  (Even if you don’t like gay people, you don’t want to be associated with these creeps!)  Or, more likely, their attitudes about their LGBT friends and neighbors have changed as more same-sex couples across the nation get married without catastrophic repercussions.

Good riddance.

Too bad you didn’t spend all that time, energy and money doing something respectable like helping the homeless or feeding the hungry.


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  1. Barneysday permalink

    Being a Californian, I don’t believe the movement, or the entire Prop 8 circus was anything close to a “grass roots” movement. The largest contributor to the anti-gay group was the Morman Church, a religious organization based in Utah! A few politicians who wanted to get their names in print, and far right political organizations signed up, but grass roots? Never.

    Good post


  2. Good.



  3. To me, if you make your mission limiting the rights of others, then eventually you will wear out your welcome. I liken it to how companies treat people when they downsize them, usually walking long time employees out in the same day. The people who remain see this, say I am glad it is not me and plan options to leave or get their resume in order. You cannot screw people over and think others won’t notice.


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