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Ovation: Google Removes “Ass Hunters” From Its Play Store.


ass hunterLast Saturday, Cleveland police responded to a 911 call concerning a juvenile in a local playground who was on a swing set and pointing a pistol was “probably fake” and scaring everyone.  When police confronted the boy and instructed him to put his hands in the air he, instead, reached for his waistband where he was carrying an “airsoft” handgun which was lacking the orange safety indicator usually found on the muzzle.  The officers reacted and shot 12-year-old Tamir Rice who died from the injury on Sunday.

America’s fascination with guns continues to escalate.  Guns manufactured and sold with the intention of harmless play have become so realistic in appearance that law enforcement officials can’t tell them apart.  Yet, parents still buy them for their children and allow them to carry them to Ohio playgrounds.

Hunting and killing for sport and amusement appears to have become the status quo.

At least one online giant is trying to discourage shooting people for fun.  A game where players hunt and kill naked gay men for sport has been yanked from Google Play after multiple complaints.  The game, called “Ass Hunter”, has been playable online for several years but was only recently uploaded to Google’s Android app store.  It’s description reads:

Popular game hunting on gays is now on android! Play and do not be gay! Legendary game, where you are the hunter and your mission is to kill gays as much as you can or escape between them to the next level.  Gays may be hidden in bushes and inexpertly catch you.  Remember!  When they catch you they will do with you whatever they want 😉

ass-hunter-2In the game, the camouflage-wearing hunter walks through the woods looking for naked men hoping to shoot and kill as many as possible.  Once shot, their heads explode and their bloody naked bodies are displayed on the ground.  If the player doesn’t shoot them in time, they pin him down and rape him.

What happened to cap guns and other toy pistols that were clearly meant for children’s’ play?  We played with spring-loaded dart guns that would barely shoot a dart across a room with enough force to make its rubber plunger stick to anything at all.  Whatever happened to Nurf?!

Is it any wonder that kids bring realistic toy guns to playgrounds nowadays?  When they’re incorporated into playtime children often stop seeing them as weapons.  I firmly believe that guns should not be marketed and sold as toys and that parents should never encourage their children to play with guns.

Take your kid hunting with you if you must, but don’t give him a toy gun and teach him that it’s ok to bring it to a playground.  Because it’s not.

Kudos to Google for removing the despicable, ignorant, hateful, disgusting and violent “Ass Hunters” from its app store.  Hopefully, toys stores will soon begin to think twice about selling lifelike weapons to the nation’s children.

UPDATE 12/28/15: An Ohio grand jury decided not to return an indictment in the shooting death of Tamir Rice stating it was “reasonable” to believe that the officer who killed the boy was facing a threat.


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  1. Guns! America’s Toys!


  2. Tell me this is not true. And, we stand horrified when people get killed. Unfortunately, I am no longer surprised over accidental gun deaths, as they are not as much accidents as led to believe. A hunter shot himself in the head the other day. A four year old kid picks up a gun and shoots a six year old.

    So, when we have an armed society, the police are inclined to shoot more frequently. It takes great training and restraint to not shoot someone. It is akin to the enemy hiding among civilians in Vietnam, Afghanistan or Iraq.


    • It’s true. And it’s only going to get worse. At some point folks will stop wanting to work in law enforcement because it will simply become too much risk for too little reward. The bad guys already outnumber the good guys so it’s really just a numbers game. Now that the GOP/NRA has control of Congress, I don’t see change for the better happening any time soon.


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