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Diatribe: Perceived Carry Decoys.


I read too much news.  Sometimes it’s hard to believe.  Today I’ve stumbled across something so incredibly stupid I can’t believe it’s not satire.

Perceived Carry Decoys

How about fake guns for those who want to give off a “don’t mess with me” persona?  Apparently, a company called Perceived Carry Decoys was founded in late 2014 by a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who served multiple tours including Iraq.  The company intends to sell fake guns to “bridge the gap between hardcore everyday gun toting enthusiasts and those who are less willing to have a firearm in their home.”

Wait? … What?

Yes, this man and his supporters think that our world will be more peaceful if everyone thought that everyone else might be carrying a weapon!

While these

As if there aren’t enough guns in the world already, this goon wants to introduce an arsenal of realistic artificial weapons to frighten away the folks with the real ones!

“No waiting for background checks, no fees for classes, permits, or ammunition, protect yours today!”

I’m still not sure this is real!  It seems like a bad sketch from a 1980s episode of Saturday Night Live!

“A PCD device is meant to be a means of crime deterrent, rather than a means of self defense.  After all, who’s going to run up on a person with a gun?”

Someone please tell me this is a joke!


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  1. So all these folks will be carrying around decoy weapons? How will they explain that to the police when they get shot for pointing their toy at officers?

    Gun nuts are becoming nuttier.


    • Exactly! It appears that the less stupid Stupid People have figured out a way to profit from the stupidity of the more stupid Stupid People.

      Their website is hysterical! I swear it’s from the pages of MAD Magazine! I’m still not convinced that The Onion isn’t behind the whole endeavor!

      “Give your unarmed security staff a more authoritative presence”! REALLY?!


  2. I do hope that when somebody carrying a real gun only shoots these guys in self defense with decoy bullets ..


  3. If this is true, it will end badly for someone. Note the use of “will” and not “may” or “might.” That person will be surprised when they are shot, but I won’t be.


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