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Ovation: Smoker Fined For Throwing Butts Out Of Window.


cigarette-litterOne Saturday evening last month, we had a few friends over for a holiday party.  We prepared for weeks and, knowing that some of our guests would be seeing our home for the first time, we found ourselves motivated to spruce things up a bit.  In addition to the many projects on our list of “Things To Do Before The Party”, we made certain to remember ash trays.  Because we wanted to be sure that our friends who smoke cigarettes enjoyed the evening, we planned to make arrangements for them to sit on both our front porch and the deck on the back of our house.

The night of the party we arranged tables, chairs and benches with pillows and throws for comfort and warmth and plenty of ash trays.

  1. We wanted our guests to have a good time.
  2. We didn’t want them to smoke in our house.
  3. We hate to find cigarette butts in our yard.

We knew from experience that at least one party guest was a “butt flicker”.  He/she has been chastised in the past for flicking cigarette butts into our yard and thought it best to make it easy for other smokers to refrain from doing the same.

A smoker in Singapore was recently fined $15,000.00 for throwing cigarette butts out of his apartment window.  The man was fined six hundred Singapore Dollars per cigarette for the first thirty-three offenses and ordered to do community services for a thirty-fourth, allegedly the highest ever such fine.  The 38-year-old smoker, who was caught on surveillance camera “butt flicking” during a four day period, will have to clean a public area for five hours wearing a brightly-colored vest.

Apparently in Singapore, a city so famous for cleanliness that it bans chewing gum, there are cameras in nearly six hundred locations and more than two hundred people were arrested for “high-rise littering” in 2014.

It is unknown on which floor this particular “butt flicker” lived.  I certainly hope he learned his lesson.  I wish there were stiffer fines for cigarette littering everywhere.

Our party was a success (our yard remained “butt free”) and I look forward to hosting another next year.


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One Comment
  1. Sounds like a new curse term – butt flicker. You, butt flicker, you. I am glad your party was sans flicked butts and a success.


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