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Diatribe: Designer Rick Owens Flashes Paris Fashion Week.


OWENSI watch enough Project Runway to know that avant garde fashion isn’t for everyone.  Defined as leading edge, progressive and experimental, clothes of this nature are intended to prevent the industry from becoming stagnant and repetitive.  Avant garde fashions featured on catwalks and runways as part of new designer collections, however, are generally toned down to create more wearable garments that can be sold in retail stores.

This was certainly not the case last night when designer Rick Owens presented his Autumn/Winter 2015 menswear line that included loose hanging, draped smocks featuring cut-out peepholes that placed their manhood on exhibit!

Yes, that’s right … call it Full-Frontal Fashion!

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Every once in a while one of the designer/contestants on Project Runway cuts a skirt too short or a neckline too low and inadvertently shows too much of a model’s skin … but that’s an accident!

I think some of the outerwear that Owens has created is really quite nice.  It’s understandable that some men enjoy the freedom of dressing without underwear … going “commando” is what they call it … but, seriously, would they really buy and wear clothes that don’t cover their junk?  I don’t think these garments are avant garde, I think they’re “avant weird”!

I do find it amusing, however, that while uptight Americans are upset by a beautiful woman in a bikini eating a hamburger in an upcoming Superbowl commercial, the French don’t seem to be bothered at all by penis-exposing men walking the fashion runway of Paris.

Is it even legal for a man to wear these clothes in public?



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    Gee, I thought the season for jingle bells was over!


  2. Now, isn’t that special. If you live long enough, you will see just about anything. We have gone from George Carlin’s comedy routine of the seven words you cannot say on TV back in the 1970s to advertising erectile dysfunction and vaginal dryness medications on TV. The new romantic getaway suites for us older folks will include free Viagra and Premarin, along with a pair of Depends to wear while dancing. So, I guess revealing our private parts is the logical next step for new fashion. :>)

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  3. I like the androgyny of the collection, but The Junk Show was just an attention grab.


    • I like the outerwear. You could be right. It might have been a reach for attention (in which case it was quite successful).

      Isn’t it funny how some people would freak out if they saw a man wearing these clothes on the street yet they’d fight for open carry laws? They’d rather see a man expose his gun than his penis!


  4. thedogs'mother permalink

    Kim Kardashian sez, ‘what’s the big deal?’


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