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Diatribe: Assh*le Brown’s Comcast Bill


Asshole Brown's Comcast BillOne day last week we noticed a van in our neighbors’ driveway.  It belonged to the man with an extension ladder who was installing a satellite dish on their roof.  Apparently, they’d decided that it was time for them to make the switch away from cable.  We’ve thought about it, too, over the years because the only cable provider available in our neighborhood is Comcast.  I speak from personal experience when I say the company’s reputation for notoriously bad customer service is warranted and I don’t blame them one bit for switching.

We, too, need to make changes to our service but have been dreading the telephone call followed by the drive to their “center” and the wait in the long line just to explain the situation once again.  I can only imagine the private hell that Ricardo and Lisa Brown of Spokane, Washington encountered before someone at Comcast took it upon themselves to change the name their account to “Assh*le Brown”.

Consumer advocate Christopher Elliott reported that Mrs. Brown had called the company to cancel the cable portion of her family’s service to save money.  As anyone who’s ever tried to cancel cable television service knows, they don’t like to see a customer go and the company’s “retention specialists” very aggressively work to convince you to change your mind.  Comcast does not make the cancellation process easy for their customers … that’s for certain.  Sometimes a customer has to get a little angry to get the results that they want.  We have to fight back a little.

When their next monthly statement arrived in the mail, she saw that her husband’s first name had been changed to Assh*le.  Not surprisingly, calls to the cable company and even a visit to a Comcast office couldn’t get the name changed.

Eventually, Comcast confirmed that the statement was and that they would take action.

“We have spoken with our customer and apologized for this completely unacceptable and inappropriate name change.  We have zero tolerance for this type of disrespectful behavior and are conducting a thorough investigation to determine what happened.  We are working with our customer to make this right and will take appropriate steps to prevent this from happening again.” – Steve Kipp, Comcast Spokesman via email.

Comcast plans to fix Mr. Brown’s last name in their system, terminate the employee responsible for the name change, give the Brown family a refund for the previous two years of service and add two more years of service for free.

What an ordeal.

And now they’re stuck with cable for two more years.  Maybe our neighbor knows something we don’t.


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One Comment
  1. Bob permalink

    Oh hell no!
    When i want service canceled, and you try and make it hard for me, I will dig my heels in so deep you’ll never move me.
    And, on top of that, you send me a bill like that, with my name changed, then the devil will be unleashed.
    How effing unprofessional of ComCast. They should have instantly fired the employee and then given the customer whatever they wanted.


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