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Ovation: Finnegans Reverse Food Truck.


finnrftAs a teen, I worked with my grandfather to begin an “open pantry” in our church’s basement.  The idea was to collect non-perishable food and make it available to those in the congregation, and the surrounding community, who found themselves “down on their luck” and unable to feed themselves or their families.  Pa was a handy carpenter and I helped by making signs and organizing shelves so that we made the best use of the small space we had been allotted and folks could see what foods were available.  The project was one of the first of its kind to address the needs of the hungry in our small town.

Still today, according to Feeding America, a nationwide network of member food banks, one in six people struggle to get enough to eat.

I still think it’s important to give.  The US Postal Service makes it easy once each spring as part of their “Stamp Out Hunger” Food Drive when mail carriers pick up food at individual mail boxes along their routes and many local food banks go into overdrive during the holiday season when people often feel the most charitable, but hungry people are among us all the time.

We need more organizations like Finnegans and their Reverse Food Truck.

Rather than serving food, like most food trucks, Finnegans does the opposite … it accepts food donations.  Like a food drive on wheels, the location of Finnegans Reverse Food Truck can be tracked via Twitter or Foursquare! If you’re hosting an event or want to have a food drive at your place of business arrangements can be made for the Reverse Food Truck to make an appearance.  Of course, Finnegans accepts online donations via their virtual food menu.

“… barring any scheduling conflicts or traffic jams, we’ll do our best to help out.”

I made a donation to my local food bank just yesterday at the grocery store where the cashier simply had to scan a bar code to add the amount to my grocery bill.  If every one of us added one dollar to our grocery bill every time we shopped, imagine the difference that we could make … and we might not even notice the difference in our wallets. Food for thought. 😉

Reverse Food Truck Banner


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  1. First off: welcome back, I’ve missed my D&O.

    That said, these are such great ideas to help people who cannot get enough food, or any food. That reverse food truck is a great idea.

    We often have groups outside our grocery stores that ask you to buy canned food items while shopping and then donate them on the way out, and Carlos and I always oblige. it doesn’t take too much money and really no time, and it serves such a great cause.


  2. Great post and I also missed you. Welcome back and thanks for pushing such an important topic. BTG


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