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Diatribe: Good Bye Cecil … Hello Cecily’s $2,500 Artificial Drumstick.


chicken legThe death of Cecil the Lion, a black-maned lion kill by Minnesota big-game hunter Dr. Walter Palmer in a Zimbabwean National Park has been in the news for a while now and folks don’t seem to be backing away from the subject.  People can are very selective in their attitudes when it comes to threatened species and the attention resulting from this incident could be put to much better use.  Shelters in my city, for example, are at capacity leading them to waive fees in hopes of finding new caregivers for the many homeless dogs and cats in their care.

Surely, every pet lover will have their own take on the situation.

I’ve brought our dog to the vet twice in the last ten days.  Veterinarian bills can add up quickly.  I suppose, to a point, it’s because the patients can’t actually discuss their symptoms with their doctor that so many expensive tests become necessary in order to diagnose a pet’s ailment.  The amount of money

“To each his own” when it comes to loving animals, I suppose, but the financial decisions made by some animal lovers simply don’t make sense.  Andrea Martin of Clinton, Massachusetts, is a woman who one might question.

Ms. Martin, who specialized in chicken rehabilitation and rescue (apparently, that’s a thing) owns a hen who will be fitted with a prosthetic leg.  Ms. Martin will be paying $2,500.00 for Wednesday’s operation at Tufts University’s Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine out of her own pocket.  Martin’s chicken, named Cecily,  was born with a damaged tendon that makes her right leg useless.  A specialist in avian orthopedics (apparently, that’s a thing) will amputates Cecily’s bad leg and then, after a 10- to 14-day recovery period, a prosthetic chicken leg made on a 3-D printer will be fitted.

Yes, Martin is willingly funding a two thousand five hundred dollar artificial drumstick.

Cecil’s death was a tragic loss and I certainly believe that Dr. Palmer should be held accountable for his part in the illegal manner in which he was killed.  The price the doctor paid to hunt Cecil was reportedly more than $50,000.00 and makes Ms. Martin’s $2,500 payment seem like a bargain.

Wouldn’t it behoove those who are angered by the death of Cecil the Lion to focus their energy on more positive outcomes than online rants?  Perhaps Cecil’s death could be a call to spread worldwide awareness regarding endangered species and man’s destruction of their natural habitat?  It’s easy to complain and judge on the internet but if every online commenter were to donate the price of a(n) (average, not Cecily’s right) chicken leg to their local animal shelter or to a global relief fund the results would be far greater.


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  1. I want the dentist punished to the full extent of the laws of the country in which he hunted.

    That said, i’d also like this story to lead to more awareness, and perhaps, though it will never happen, an end to hunting and killing animals for sport.


    • I’m with you. The dentist and the local guides who lured the lion out of the protected area.

      When children kill animals for sport, we have them examined for mental stability. When wealthy adults, who presumably have greater powers of reasoning, do they same they’re applauded. Pretty f*cked up.


  2. The downside of the Cecil focus is we seemingly want to avoid focus on people in need. We have a global poverty problem including in the US. We also have an increasingly fresh water problem especially for drought stricken areas, including Zimbabwe where Cecil was killed.


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