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Ovation: Christ Hyndman (March 3, 1966 – August 3, 2015)


chris-hyndmanpicWhen we bought our home in December 2001 it was a true “fixer upper”.  The house was built in the 1970s and we found ourselves surrounded by more paneling and Berber carpeting than humans should have to endure. We were proud of our new “nest” and determined to make it as beautiful as possible … on a new-homeowner budget, of course.

Like many, we turned to cable channel HGTV for ideas and inspiration.  We learned from programs like Holmes on Homes, Design on a Dime and Designers’ Challenge, which were the networks newest and most up-to-date programs of the time.  But our favorite was always Designer Guys starring Steven Sabados and Chris Hyndman.

Sabados and Hyndman, both born in Canada, joined forces in 1992 to form the design company The Sabados Group.  After making appearances on a variety of home decorating shows they were asked to audition for HGTV.  Together, the calm and suave Steven and the dynamic and quick-witted Chris sealed the deal and have been on television ever since staring in not only Designer Guys, but Design Rivals and the highly rated personal make-over program So Chic with Steven and Chris that still airs on the CBC, the English-language unit of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Until today when it was announced that Steven and Chris has been pulled from the pub broadcaster’s schedule.

The body of Christopher Hyndman was found in an alleyway in Toronto’s east end Monday night.  Police have reported that Hyndman, 49, was found without vital signs in an alleyway near the intersection of Queen Street and Broadview Avenue … near the apartment where he lived with Sabados, his off-screen partner of more than twenty-five years… shortly after 11:00 p.m. Monday.

book“When I was a little kid living in St John’s, Nfld., suicide was on my mind a lot because I had nowhere to go when I was 12, 13, 14, to talk about it. There was no Will & Grace. The ones that were role models for us were caricatures of being gay. That wasn’t really what you really wanted to represent yourself. I ended up being one, but I didn’t necessarily want to be at the time.” – Chris Hyndman

Police are not appealing for witnesses and an investigation is said to be underwear by the Toronto police department who will not comment further until completing interviews.

I think we’ve still got a copy of the 2004 best-seller Designer Guys: Finding Your Personal Style.  I think I’ll dig it out and look through it again.

I’ll grieve a bit for Steven Sabados in the home that he and Christopher inspired us to decorate.


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