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OVATION: GUEST POST – Regarding Kim Davis And Other County Clerks Whose Religious Beliefs Prevent Them From Fulfilling The Duties The Taxpayers Pay Them To Perform.


County ClerkWhen civil servants, or public and government officials begin refusing to do the job for which they were hired (to serve the citizens) because of their religious beliefs, then they have constitutionally disqualified themselves from serving as a civil servant or a public or government official.

The debate is not one of marriage equality – that issue is over and settled.  The debate now is whether or not an individual’s religious beliefs should be a disqualifying consideration for that individual to be hired into, or have their employment continued, as a civil servant or public or government official if those beliefs interfere with the performance of that person’s duties while being paid with tax dollars.

The Supreme Court, in last June’s landmark ruling in favor of nation-wide marriage equality, did not “redefine” marriage.  This is a nation of laws.  The Court’s responsibility is to interpret the United States Constitution – not a religion or ideology.

GuestBloggerThe preface of the United States Constitution contains 52 words, which delineate the six fundamental principles for which the entire Constitution is written to preserve.

People, particularly those who claim to have, but obviously have not read the Opinion of the Court, do not realize that aside from the 14th amendment and other Constitutional justifications cited in the Court’s decision regarding marriage equality, the decision also supported five of the six fundamental principles;

1.) To form a more perfect Union;

2.) Establish Justice;

3.) Insure domestic Tranquility;

4.) Promote the general Welfare;

 5.) Secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.

The sixth principle is to provide for the common defense (spelled defence in the original text.)

Many of those who are protesting the Opinion of the Court have also not read or studied the United States Constitution.

The Constitution is readily available via Google. Anyone who is interested can download a PDF of the Court’s decision can CLICK HERE.

Dave KochDave Koch specializes in consultant services via on-site or his virtual office.  His primary interests are start-ups, seed capitalization, corporate turnarounds and the development and implementation of earned income strategies for underperforming assets.  He does a fair amount of writing, too. Other samples can be found at The Sextant.




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  1. What you might find interesting, is in NC we passed a law that allows the opt out, but in the end it is not that big of a deal. Only 14 out of 600 magistrates said they would be uncomfortable. The legislators who spent all that time making an unconstitutional law were startled that it was so few people. I get back to a recurring theme of mine, if your religious beliefs support excluding people, your numbers may dwindle. I am all for inclusive religion which is when it is at its finest.


    • I do find it interesting … but I don’t think this is really about Kim Davis’ “beliefs” any more. Seems to me that the whole spectacle is about filling Liberty Counsel’s coffers.


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