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Ovation: A Return To Self-Therapy


Return to Self-TherapyAfter far too much time away from a keyboard, the last few weeks have proven to me that blogging needs to, once again, be a more important part of my life. It seems that I may have stopped seeing the good in people and that I need to make more of an effort to find it again. Begun in March 2011, DiatribesAndOvations is an exercise in self-therapy designed to force me to think of something nice to say about someone or something every other day.

As the new year begins, I find myself increasingly smothered by negativity. I still read the news and keep up with current events but it seems that good news never makes headlines. It’s time for me to search for it again. Once again, I will search for someone or something … a person or a story … that makes me feel good, brings a smile to my face or a chuckle to my heart … two write about every other day.

As the new year begins, I challenge myself to make some changes:

  • The feral children encountered at the mall over the holidays will become a distant memory and I will remind myself when I see children running unattended through restaurants that their behavior is most likely the result of poor parenting and no fault of their own.
  • The inconsiderate, rude, lazy and dangerous driving habits of my fellow commuters (including the twit in a blue Honda who insists on applying eye makeup at seventy-miles-per-hour each morning) will no longer be my concern.
  • The shenanigans and antics of politicians, each with their own agenda, will not consume me with bewildering rage as another presidential election approaches.
  • I will not allow the ridiculous ramblings of religious zealots to elevate my blood pressure to dangerously high levels. They are, after all, entitled to their beliefs not matter how misguided and nonsensical I might find them to be.

At least not every day.

After all, I’ve got a lot to say. And folks need to hear about some of it. Those feral children in the mall, for example …


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  1. I have also taken a lot of time away from blogging, however, I did spend 2 months out of the last twelve doing some personal journal keeping. Both times under the topic of gratitude and they REALLY helped me through some potentially super stressful months…I mean, the months were still stressful, but were LESS so because I ended each day with the gratitude writing. I am happy to see you back!


    • Thanks for your kind words! I know from experience that, literally, searching for good has helped me balance the tomfoolery that seems to be thrown in front of me more frequently these days. I’m glad your writing helped you through a stressful time!


  2. Welcome back. i look forward to more Diatribes and Ovations!

    Now on that note about children: I always blame the parents; the child was taught that kind of behavior.


    • Thanks! I hope I don’t disappoint you!

      Exactly! That’s why I say bratty kids are “most likely” the result of poor parenting. Sadly, it appears that today’s twenty-somethings who are raising children didn’t receive a lot of hands-on care themselves. And … monkey see, monkey do!


  3. Welcome back. You do have a lot to say and your voice (or words) are needed. By the way, I blog for my sanity to at least register someplace what I think. Best wishes in 2016.


  4. I agree with everybody above; welcome back.

    It’s not just kids in the malls — everyone is a brat there!


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