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Ovation: Six-Year-Old Lyle Drummonds Knows How To Date.


00000At my house, we’ve determined that young people don’t really know how to date any more. It doesn’t seem like they go on “dates” like we did when we were young. We don’t see them schedule one-on-one time together where they go to dinner and a movie, for example, or even just a walk in the park … everything seems to be done spontaneously and in groups. I think it’s great that all the girls can be friends with all the boys and it’s not a big deal if one of the girls likes girls or a couple of the guys like each other, but I can’t figure out when they expect the opportunity to fall in love to present itself.

Of course, when I was younger, I didn’t have social media. Youth of today can learn every last detail about one another, and get answers to every question they might have, before they ever meet face to face. Smartphone technology enables them to meet potential dates without so much as getting out of bed and taking a shower. I have to cut them some slack … they really DON’T know how to date. They don’t really NEED to know how to date.

Six-year-old Lyle Drummond’s mother, reality TV star Nikkole Paulun, has been taking him on monthly “dinner dates” for four months now in an effort to teach him how to date … by being respectful, courteous and having good manners.

Recently, she posted this picture of Lyle, and the accompanying text, on social media.

Lyle DrummondsOnce a month my 6 year old son takes me out on a dinner date. He opens doors for me, pulls out my chair, talks about his day & asks me how mine was, pays the bill with money he earned by doing chores, and even tips the waiter/waitress. By doing this I am teaching him how to treat a lady & how to take her on a proper date. How to show that he respects the woman he loves (right now that would be mommy). We put our phone and iPad away (except to take this photo) and sit and talk to each other about our days, things we want to do, etc. I’m teaching him proper table manners and that it’s rude to sit on your phone on a date with your mom or with anyone else. He learns the value of money and how to manage it. He learns how to do math as we add up what we want and make sure we have 15% of it to leave for a tip. Yes he is young but I believe this is something he should learn now. It’s never too early to teach your child how to properly respect others, especially women. As a woman who has been abused & treated like crap in the past, it’s extremely important to me that I teach my son how to show respect. Too many men these days have no idea how to treat women or how to take them on a nice date. It’s nice to know my son won’t be one of them. 

While it might appear that Lyle’s mother carries emotional baggage from her younger years that possibly motivate these evenings with her young son, I applaud her efforts in teaching him by example. Hopefully, she can surround him with other adults and well-mannered children whose good habits he can also mimic. The time that she spends with him will certainly be beneficial to him later in life.

It should be noted, however, that Lyle’s mother isn’t necessarily teaching him how young women today wish to be treated so much as how she believes they should be treated. If observations at my house are any indication, many young women of the 21st century prefer to be treated as “one of the guys” who might pick up the tab on every second “dinner date” or, Heaven forbid, take a young man on what Nikkole would call a “proper date” instead of waiting for him to ask her out. Statistically, the possibility exists that Lyle could, possibly, date another young man.

Regardless of the circumstances, when the time comes Lyle Drummonds will be prepared to date. He’ll recognize good manners, be respectful and attentive when dining out. Hopefully, he’ll be a better tipper than his mother.


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  1. Great post – I agree. I’ve gone on a lot of dates in the last year – all with gals I met online – and I have to say, there is A LOT of talking requiried before getting out on that first date. Lots and lots of time spent chatting beforehand, which, I suppose, is to smooth out any concerns that you might be a creep. But by the time you get to the first date, you’ve pretty much run out of conversation. Just a thought. : )


  2. I love this. What a great idea, which goes beyond the dating and respect teaching. It is a mom and son having good quality time together. He will remember these moments, as will she. I can scroll forward in my mind seeing him at age 16 taking his mom to dinner to ask her advice, or at 25 when he wants to tell her that he is going to ask someone to marry him…..


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