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Diatribe: Pizza Driver Stabs Customer Who Complains About Late Delivery.


Pizza NightOnce every week to ten days we declare a “Pizza Night” at our house. Once declared and agreed upon, the concept of Pizza Night turns the rest of the evening into one of relaxation in front of the television. Because, on Pizza Night, nobody has to cook and nobody has to clean up afterward. The biggest decision that has to be made is “who’s gonna keep their pants on long enough to meet the delivery person?”

Last night was Pizza Night. We placed our order online at They have a pretty good system that allows you to track the progress of your order online. The website shows you the time that you placed your order, who prepared your food, when it was placed into the oven, what time it left the store and who will be delivering it. After you receive your order, a follow-up email is automatically generated to offer users a chance to comment on the service. Last night, we were surprised when the website told us our food had been delivered but we all still had our pants on. There had been a mistake.

Worried that our pre-paid order might have been delivered to another address, I called the store where it was explained to me that the driver had left with two orders and, when he delivered the first order, their computer program generated emails for both orders. They assured me that he would be arriving shortly.

It was just minutes later that we saw headlights in our driveway and not much longer after that we were all eating (sans pants) our stress-free dinner. No complaints from us.

Michael Charles Parker

Michael Charles Parker

Late last Saturday night, however, a late pizza order led to the arrest of Domino’s Pizza delivery man, Michael Charles Parker, 31, of Glendora, California, who allegedly stabbed a customer after arguing about the pizza. The twenty-year-old victim received non-life-threatening injuries to his wrist and neck during the incident in Covina, California, but was taken to a local trauma center nonetheless.

Officers easily found Parker at the pizza shop where he worked where he was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, booked and released after posting $30,000 bail.

At our house we agreed, long ago, that we never make the pizza people angry. We tip them very well, so they’re glad to see our address on an order, we leave the lights on for them, we try not to complain if they take too long to deliver and we NEVER let them catch us with our pants off.


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  1. I guess he did not want anchovies. What happened to civil dispute? Why must everything turn into a competition or confrontation?


  2. I guess we’re lucky our favorite pizza place doesn’t deliver. I’d hate to take my life into my hands over dinner!


  3. Late or no delivery of a Domino’s pizza seems like a kindness to me. Horrible stuff!


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