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Diatribe: Know The Difference Between A Selfie And A Mug Shot.


Chip PughWhen we gathered to open our gifts we found several packages underneath the Christmas Tree, all shaped exactly the same and wrapped in identical holiday paper. They each had a name tag and there was one for everyone in the family … except for me.

Santa brought “selfie sticks” to our house this Christmas … but not to me. Like everyone who knows me, Santa is quite aware that I do not enjoy being photographed and that I absolutely will not be taking pictures of myself in the foreseeable future … with or without a stick. I’m about as anti-selfie as they come.

All I see is chins.

Plus, I know what I look like. So selfies aren’t important to me.

Apparently, Donald “Chip” Pugh is very concerned with the quality of photos that are taken of him. After the Lima, Ohio, Police Department issued a warrant for his arrest for Failure to Appear, Pugh, 45, who is also currently a person of interest in several other cases, sent them a selfie because he didn’t like the mug shot they were using in their attempts to apprehend him.

After police posted his booking photos asking the public’s help to find him, Chip sent them a picture of himself in a sport coat and sunglasses along with a message stating “Here is a better photo. That one is terrible.” Then he called a radio station to talk about it, drawing more attention to himself and eventually making it easier for him to be found.

What an arrogant fool.  #thanksfortheselfie

Thanks to the power of social media and tips called in to authorities, Pugh was arrested on Tuesday in Century, Florida, where he is being held on another warrant out of Georgia.

The Lima Police Department has updated its Facebook page using a new mug shot of a smiling Pugh after his recent arrest.

I hope he likes this mug shot. I could be his last.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Great story, what a dope.
    I refer to that photo tool as a “narcistick” 🙂


  2. Hilarious. Some people really do get exactly what they deserve!


  3. Reminds of that Zoolander II commercial with Ben Stiller in the car, getting his photo at the light, backing up an doing it again and again before being arrested.

    Liked by 1 person

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