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Diatribe: Nadkins.


NadkinsWe come across them all the time … things we didn’t know we don’t need. There is a peculiar marketplace available where entrepreneurs who think they’ve discovered the solution to enormous problem facing the world can peddle their wares. This is where consumers go to find things like potato peeling gloves that will save hours of time in the kitchen. Or Rake Hands that make outdoor clean up super quick and easy. Booty Belts and Miracle Socks are available to eliminate unsightly bulges and soothe tired, achy legs and feet. Most of the things we don’t know we don’t need we don’t know about unless they’re As Seen On TV.

But did you know there’s a new addition to the little-talked about world of men’s grooming products that most men don’t know they don’t know about?


Nadkins “Male Jewels Refresher Towelettes” are cleansing wipes designated as wet naps for the male nether regions for when things get all sweaty, smelly and uncomfortable. According to the Nadkins website, each individually wrapped towelette is 100% natural and 100% non-toxic. Key ingredients like Aloe Vera, Allantoin and Vitamin E gently cleanse and hydrate sensitive skin, while pleasantly soothing and comforting, leaving you with a refreshing tingly feeling that’s something to behold.  Here’s the company’s Mission Statement:

Nadkins Mission Statement

Apparently, after wiping down the area, users will get a cooling and refreshing reeling without any irritation while removing dead skin and helping to protect against added aggravation. The product’s name, allegedly, was born out of a conversation between the company’s founder and a friend who suggested that “guys don’t always smell so great … down there” leading to his response of “Yeah … it’s like they need a napkin for their nads … a Nadkin!”

A ten-pack of individually wrapped Nadkins sells for $12.50 on the company’s website. A discount is offered to customers who sign up for subscription deliveries. A deeper discount is available for volume purchases.

Now that you know about this didn’t know you didn’t know about it marketplace, be sure to check out Nadkins’ competition!

biz wipesMangroomer Biz Wipes provide a “masculine executive scent”. Close your eyes and try to imagine THAT. These are advertised as “flushable”!

NicheNiche for Men by Birchbox can also be used on the face. If it’s safe for down there … (You can “Join the Revolution” and save 20%!)

Junk stuffOr maybe you’d like to keep some Junk Stuff in your desk at the office. It’s a cream that uses essential oils and vitamins to clear up rashes and rawness.

Nadkins. Let me know if you enjoy their “subtle, pleasing citrus-mint fragrance”.

Or you could use soap and water.


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  1. Well I’ll be. I have lived 57 years to learn of such a new product. Maybe it can be advertised following the ED commercials. Maybe Broadway Joe Namath can peddle it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I told my wife this and she said it is about time as women have products like this. She reminded me of a conversation with a friend who was a traveling rep for a company who drove significant mileage dressed in a suit. He had to get his suits dry cleaned often because of the problem Nadkins would alleviate. Oh my.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Apparently, there really IS a market for these products and men who buy them. I’m glad they’ve chosen to keep their problems to themselves. I can only imagine the names they might assign to the conditions!


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