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Ovation: SaltWater Brewery’s Edible Six-Pack Rings.


Saltwater BreweryI enjoy spending time on, or near, the water.  I’ve always found lakes and beaches to be some of the most fascinating places to visit.  The fact that a seashore constantly changes with the tides is simply marvelous in my mind.  I can walk along a beach for hours, picking up driftwood and sea shells, examining flora, marveling at the antics of birds and, of course, people watching.

Too often on excursions of this nature I’ve come across creatures in distress.  The sight of a pelican or sea gull strangled by fishing line or a plastic 6-pack holder, in particular, has left a lasting, vivid memory.  So much so that at our house we avoid buying products that incorporate this technology. When we can’t avoid them, we make a point to cut them into tiny pieces before discarding them.  I hate to think that some bird might die because I didn’t cut up a 6-pack holder.

Edible-Six-Pack-Ring-screenshot-We-BelieversSaltWater Brewery of DelRay Beach, Florida, has developed a technology that will eliminate the needless suffering of marine creatures caused by plastic 6-pack holders.  The craft beer maker has created a six-pack carrier made out of the wheat and barley waste leftover after making their beer.  Their invention is as strong as the usual plastic six-pack carrier but are biodegradable and even safe for animals to eat.

This particular brewery was founded by fishermen and surfers who have close connections to the ocean.  Apparently, they’ve learned that even if you cut plastic rings to keep animals from getting entangled in them, birds and turtles will still eat the plastic!  Who knew?!

“We want to influence the big guys,” says Chris Gove, the brewery’s president, in the video below, “and inspire them to also get on board.”

The new technology remains somewhat costly but, hopefully, the demand for new, eco-friendly packaging will rise, creating a competitive market of other brewers, soft-drink makers etc. that will drive the cost down to be competitive with plastic.

I’m not usually a beer drinker but I’ll try some of theirs … but I won’t eat the six-pack carrier.


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  1. What a great invention. I’ve been cutting those plastic things for years, too, when I’m forced to use them (which is less and less).

    Good to see you!


  2. Welcome back. Your wit and wisdom have been missed. This is a great idea. I rip up those six pack holders as well.


  3. Most informative! Thanks for the diatribe – I’m afraid I’m the one who took Rants and Raves!! 🙂


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