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Diatribe: George Niemiec Should Sleep In A Chair.


Don't abuse the systemOver the years I’ve met a few people who’ve made a good living by “working the system”. They always seem to know who to call to get something for nothing, how long to wait before applying for the next level of assistance or what form to complete to receive unusual compensation.  Sure, they may be entitled to services, or even cash, but just because there’s fruit on a tree it doesn’t mean it should be yours for the taking.

These people make me angry:

  • People who abuse 911
  • Healthy individuals who uses a handicapped parking space simply because the car they’re driving has a placard hanging from the rear-view mirror
  • Anyone using Food Stamps while smoking an expensive cigarette
  • Individuals who make a career out of getting something for nothing

They all make me angry … because the abuse “the system” … but not nearly as angry as George Niemiec and his wife, Shirley, of Virginia Beach, Virginia.  George, you see, relies on local firefighters to get in and out of bed every day.

Firefighters have been called to the Niemiec home more than 1,000 times … apparently, the couple thinks it’s perfectly fine to call twice a day … to help George in and out of bed.  And they’re obligated to go!

“When we decide to go to a call it’s not really whether or not we’re going to go, whether it’s an emergency or non-emergency.” – Virginia Beach Fire Department District Chief Kenneth Pravet

Sure, I feel bad for Mr. Niemiec but not bad enough to see tax dollars spent helping him out of bed every morning. Who does he think he is?! Sleep in a chair!

Apparently this is a growing problem in the city as they have seen a rise in the number of older people needing “lift assistance”.

“We wanted to keep him at home and the only help he needs is getting in and out of bed.” – Shirley Niemiec

Talk about working the system! These people say it saves them $150 per day.  I wonder just who they think is paying for this service?!

Cold hearted? What if every old person in your town called the fire department every time they need help getting out of bed?!  Ridiculous!


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