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Diatribe: The Guacamole Surcharge.


Publication1Is there a particular food that you absolutely will not eat? Something that makes your stomach turn when you watch someone else eat it? An item that you can’t stand to have touching your other food?

Me?  I don’t like Guacamole. I’ve tried to enjoy it … again and again … but I just can’t.  It could be the texture, it could be the flavor, it could be the smell or it could be the price that keeps me away … I just can’t.

I’ve learned, however, that people who Do like guacamole REALLY like guacamole.  So, when I’m out to dinner with a “guacafficianado” and I order an entree that includes the green condiment, I’ll often ask for it to be delivered “on the side” so that it’s avocado goodness can be enjoyed by my companions who can’t get enough.

Apparently, this request sometimes causes the restaurant to deem the previously-included scoop of gelatinous plate-waste a “side item” that results in an additional charge.  I call this a Guacamole Surcharge and I think it’s ridiculous.

Why does it cost more to place the dollop of gooey chip-waster in a small dish of its own instead of on my food?  Is it necessary to charge more to carry it to the table? (They were going to bring it anyway!) To wash another dish?


There never appears to be a Sour Cream Surcharge

Because this doesn’t happen in every restaurant that serves Mexican or TexMex dishes, perhaps my experiences have been language-barrier-oriented.  I can see where it would be easy to confuse an order “on the side” with a “side order” … so perhaps I’ve not always been clear.

One thing is certain, however … you cannot pick, scoop or scrape that stuff off of any other food item.

Perhaps I should stop trying to let my friends enjoy my unwanted condiments and eliminate all “guacadrama” from my life.  They can order their own side items.

If an ingredient is a part of an entree, it’s cost should be included as well … No?! They certainly don’t charge less when you request “no guacamole”!

Have you ever paid extra to have something left OFF of an entree in a restaurant?


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  1. Peas. I call them little green balls of puke. LOL


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