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Ovation: GUEST POST – Five Reasons to Support Your Local Museum


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Museums are a staple in many communities. Almost every town has a museum devoted to something whether it is furniture, teacups, dolls, dinosaurs, or simply local history. While museums may conjure imagery of dusty mannequins in powdered wigs, they actually provide an enriching experience that makes for a positive family outing. Of course, there’s no need to travel to the Louvre; odds are your area already has its own museum. Here are a few reasons to take the family to your local museum.

1. It Teaches Your Kids that Learning is Fun

There is a distinct difference between lecture-based learning and hands-on learning. Most kids who dread school do so as a result of dull, static learning.

Museums create an entirely new form of learning that includes visual aids, audio tours, short lectures, hands-on exhibits, and even mobile apps. Regardless of how your child learns, there will be an option that excites them. The teaching tactics may even help you learn other hands-on, engaging ways to educate your children.

2. Museums Appeal to People of All Ages

No matter what age you are, learning interesting tidbits about history, art, animals, or any number of potential museum themes is fun. Many child-friendly outings are enjoyed at the cost of the parents. A trip to the park leaves parents sitting on the bench. A museum, however, provides entertainment for the whole family. Furthermore, kids watching their parents get excited about learning new things sets a great example.

3. Museums Preserve and Spread Cross-Cultural Knowledge

guestbloggerMuseums hold some of the last remaining artifacts of past cultures and a wonderful array of items from existing cultures. Learning about diversity and cultural differences is critical in raising a 21st-century child, and a museum is a great place to start.

By educating your child on your culture as well as other cultures around the world, you are teaching your child tolerance, acceptance, and the skills necessary to navigate an increasingly diverse environment. It is never too early to start instilling cultural values and positive traits like acceptance and embracing diversity in young children.

4. By Supporting a Local Museum, You Support Education

When you patronize a local museum, you put money into maintaining the establishment. You are essentially funding the preservation of history, of art, of rare items, or whatever else you might find in a museum. You simultaneously educate your child about the world and pay to ensure that other children reap the same benefit.

Furthermore, by helping a local museum stay in business, you are also increasing tourism to your town, benefitting the local culture, and even aiding the local economy.

5. There Is a Museum for Everything

Regardless of what you want to teach your children about, there is likely a museum with exhibits on that theme. Even better, each type of museum is family-friendly, educational, and enjoyable for all involved. While small towns may only have a small exhibit on a specific collection, larger towns likely have several types of museums including science centers, art exhibits, and natural history museums. Start with one variety and you may find your children asking for more.

Museums are wonderful educational opportunities for both you and your children. They make learning fascinating and fun while teaching important like skills such as intercultural acceptance and diversity. When you visit local establishments, you not only help them stay in business but also ensure that other children will receive the education your child did while aiding town tourism and boosting the local economy. Yes, a trip to the Smithsonian is nothing to turn your nose up at but it certainly doesn’t hurt to start locally.

guestbloggerDelores Santos is an information junkie. She enjoys writing about a variety of subjects based on diligent fact-checking.


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