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Ovation: One Last Tommy’s Mocha Milkshake for Emily Pomeranz.


I moved away from my childhood home more than thirty years ago. Sometimes I get nostalgic food cravings … a yearning for comfort food associated with family, friends, childhood and great memories. Boza’s Hot Dogs, Turnabout Pizza and root beer floats from Dog ‘n’ Duds are foods that come to mind. How nice it would be to enjoy the familiar flavors and smells again.

Emily Pomeranz had a nostalgic food craving. Emily was in hospice in Virginia suffering from pancreatic cancer when a high school friend from Cleveland Heights, Ohio, visited and asked if she needed anything.

“I wish I could have one more Tommy’s Mocha Milkshake,” Emily said, referring to an iconic restaurant back home.

Hoping to fulfill a dying friend’s request for a cold and refreshing taste of home, Emily’s friend, Sam Klein, contacted the owner of the forty-seven-year-old restaurant, Tommy Fello, hoping to be able to grant what would be one of her last wishes.

After some research on shipping and two trips to the UPS store, a carefully packed Tommy Mocha Shake was sent via overnight delivery to Emily’s bedside. Her wide smile and the milkshake can be seen in a photo (above) that Sam posted on his Facebook page and has been shared thousands of times.

Emily, 50, died last week.

“Seeing her in that picture was just something else, I’ll tell ya. What a reward. I was so happy it worked. I wasn’t sure how it was going to work, and Sam called me and said it worked. We called it the ‘Milkshake Mission,’ or something like that, ‘Mission Impossible.’” – Tommy Fello, Owner, Tommy’s Restaurant

Mr. Klein reportedly stated that he’s certain Emily would love the fact that her milkshake story is making the rounds and making people feel good.

“She got a lot of momentum out of not only being able to enjoy something as special as a childhood nostalgic milkshake, but the fact so many people were smiling about her. A lot of people have said ‘this made me feel good’ and I know Emily would love the fact that she’s making people feel good even though she’s not here with us anymore.” – Sam Klein

People living in or visiting Cleveland are urged to visit Tommy’s and thank him for going above and beyond to get Emily her milkshake.

Boza’s Hot Dogs and Dog ‘n’ Suds are both long gone but Turnabout Pizza is still thriving. We all should have a friend like Sam Klein … and we should savor our nostalgic cravings.


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  1. Marlene permalink

    I love this story. So many loving things and people. Yes! Turnabout Pizza still is open and down the street from me. I still save the menus. When you have 20, you still get a free large cheese and sausage pizza with the best crust around. Next time you’re in town, lets order one…just like old times.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for sharing this mission of love for a dying friend. It makes your heart sing that her wish could be granted. Just the endeavor made her feel grand.


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