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Ovation: I Would’ve Cried At Brittany Yost’s Wedding.


I cry at weddings. All weddings. Every single ceremony that I’ve attended has resulted in tears. I’ve cried at the weddings of strangers. Heck, I cried when Temperance and Agent Booth got married on BONES! And I cried when I read about Brittany Yost’s recent ceremony.

Like many young girls, Brittany grew up dreaming of her wedding day and she wanted nothing more than for her grandfather, Reverend Ronald Adkins (also known as “PawPaw”) to officiate her vows. When he passed away last spring, her hopes were shattered.

But her family wouldn’t let PawPaw miss her special day. Using audio from her sister Summer’s wedding two years ago they were able to surprise Brittany on her big day.

As the Crab Orchard, West Virginian ceremony neared it’s close, the presiding pastor asked Brittany, 23, and her husband Jordan, 30, to bow their heads in prayer. That’s when PawPaw’s voice came through the speaker system.

“It took me by complete surprise. It was amazing. It was a moment I’ll cherish forever … even though this wasn’t how I originally wanted it, it was a blessing. It was so special for my whole family. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.” – Brittany Yost

Yep … I cried when I heard this story. More than once. Such a beautiful bride … such a beautiful moment … such a beautiful memory.

Do YOU cry at weddings?


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