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Diatribe: Trendy Shrimp Discounts Based On Bra Size.


While I’ve never really been a coupon clipper, I do enjoy a bargain and I’ve learned that there’s no shame in asking for a discount. Many businesses offer various discounts to their customers to encourage repeat business. Most, however, do so fairly and equally so as not to inadvertently exclude any customers or potential customers.

Fairness is clearly not a concern for management at Trendy Shrimp, a restaurant in China’s Zhejiang province where, this month, a controversial promotion offering discounts to women based on the size of their bra!

Located in a mall in the city of Hangzhou, Trendy Shrimp advertised the peculiar discount on a poster placed outside the restaurant last week. The poster says “The whole city is looking for BREASTS” and features an accompanying cartoon image of female characters with varying breast sizes and a table showing how much of a discount a woman would get based on her bra size.

Women who wear A-cup bras were offered a 5 percent discount, while G-cup wearers could get a 65 percent price cut!

According to the poster, women of all bra sizes would get some kind of discount at the eatery — though the percentage varied significantly. Women who wear A-cup bras would get a 5 percent discount, while G-cup wearers would get a 65 percent discount. (In China, discounts are expressed differently than in the U.S. The lower the number, the better the deal.)

Locals call the provocative price cuts “discriminatory” and “vulgar”. I completely agree! And I’ll add “sexist” and “gross”. While the poster was removed after just a few days, the restaurant’s general manager, defended the offer insisting that customers had responded positively to it.

“Once the promotion started, customer numbers rose by about twenty percent. Some of the girls we met were very proud … they had nothing to hide.” – Lan Shanggang, General Manager

What makes someone think this is ok? The whole concept gives me the creeps. What kind of pervert pays via shrimp discount to ogle a woman’s breasts?! And what will they think of next?!

On the other hand … “sixty-five percent off” is one heck of a discount if you can get it.


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